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Car Battery Replacement Onsite

We understand the importance of a car battery change service that is genuine, available, accessible, timely, and affordable. Therefore, we provide the best car batteries from renowned and reliable manufacturers which are recommended for a wide range of cars in the market.

Fuel Delivery Service

An emergency supply of fuel will be delivered to a member’s disabled vehicle enabling the member to reach the nearest open petrol station. Note, the service of fuel delivery is free, but the member is responsible to pay for the fuel at current market price.

Flat Tire Service

In case of a flat tyre and availability of usable spare tyre in the vehicle, our service agents will change the tyres on the spot itself. Also we provide information on nearest tyre shops to repair and replace the changed flat tyre. In case there is no spare tyre we will tow the vehicle to nearest repair point.

Car Lockout Service

Our technicians can use quick and easy way to get back into your car without destroying the car door lock.

Towing Service

When the vehicle cannot be rendered drivable after attending any of the emergency procedures provided, or in an accident situation or when in the service person’s judgment, the vehicle is not in a safe driving condition, then it will be towed to the nearest garage.

Automobile Registration & Renewal (istemara Renewal)

Vehicle owners are required to renew their vehicle registration for their vehicles with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) once the registration period of three years has lapsed. Registration is mandatory for both new and used vehicles.

Battery Boosting Service

If the battery on your vehicle is dead for whatever reason, we will jump-start the vehicle so you can carry on with your journey. If the problem still persists, the vehicle will be towed to a nearby garage where it can be repaired.

International Driving License Service

All visitors who plan to drive must make sure they obtain an IDP in their home country or country of residence before they travel.

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